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About Us


The King’s Way Outreach Centre is a flagship project of Eagle Worldwide Community Enrichment (EWCE), strategically set up to be a conduit of transformation for the disadvantaged populace in Hamilton.


Eagle Worldwide Community Enrichment is a Registered Canadian charity organization with a mandate to enhance the quality of life of both individuals and families through a multifaceted approach.


Through our various initiatives, we provide a positive environment facilitating restoration and empowering personal growth and achievement. Our programs assist individuals to become engaging and contributing members of their community and overcome a life of dependency.


EWCE focuses on establishing personal and social development through traditional core values such as: integrity, personal responsibility, dedication to learning, health and self-care, work ethic and social responsibility, and respect for oneself and others.


We serve a complete cross-section of the community without prejudice to race, gender, culture, religious backgrounds, etc.


EWCE believes that reform must begin with grass roots revitalization and community involvement at the local level.


The mission of The King’s Way Outreach Centre is to coordinate with volunteers, businesses and other community organizations to offer Support Services to individuals and families alike. We provide practical resources, empowerment training opportunities and community outreach programs. Through these means we assist those most vulnerable in our city to overcome negative circumstances and achieve a better quality of life. It’s our desire that eventually those we serve will go on to make their own positive impact in our community.


The King’s Way Outreach Centre’s vision is to Transform Our Community, A Life at a Time.


Meet The Team


Dr. Russ & Mave Moyer


Dr. Russ and Mave Moyer are the founders of Eagle Worldwide Community Enrichment and The King’s Way Outreach Centre. Dr. Russ owned and operated five security related companies and Mave was in the restaurant business for many years. Dr. Russ has coached sports teams and mentored leaders in business for over three decades. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his anti-poverty work. Mave has been involved in developing performers and shows featuring comedy and music.


Patty Wallace


Patty Wallace has her Masters of Arts from the University of Tennessee in the field of speech pathology. She has worked extensively in the medical and educational fields helping people overcome their disabilities and re-enter work or community life following injury. In addition, she worked with poverty relief and assisting those dealing with homelessness in New York, Tennessee and Maryland.


Alex Wallace

Operations Manager

Alex Wallace has served in the medical profession as a respiratory therapist for over three decades. As a part of a multi-disciplinary team, he not only saved lives but worked to ensure the care and well-being of those that he served. He comes to The King’s Way bringing a heart of love, compassion, care and concern for people. He is a gifted communicator and leader with a vision of mentoring and empowering people from all walks of life to maximize their potential, meet their goals, and impact our community, a life at a time.

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